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Representing Both Sides In Relief From Abuse (RFA) Cases

At Catamount Law, PLLC, our legal team has vast experience in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in RFA cases. We understand that this is a time of crisis with high levels of emotion and stress. Whether you have been abused and are in need of no contact orders or are alleged to have assaulted or abused someone you’re in a domestic relationship with, we can represent you with empathy and compassion.

Because we regularly represent both accusers and the accused, we have a deep understanding of how the process works. We carefully explain how the process works, what to expect and the best strategy for moving forward.

The RFA Filing Process

There is a simple process for filing for relief from abuse that involves filling out paperwork (a petition) and filing it with the court. We can help with this process or get involved after the filing is complete. However, when the judge accepts a petition, they only issue a temporary order. This temporary order grants permission only until the hearing, which typically happens within 10 to 14 days of the order.

Whether you filed the paperwork or had paperwork filed against you, it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Guidance And Counsel In Related Family And Criminal Law Matters

Relief From Abuse orders often give rise to secondary legal issues. We commonly see people coming with an RFA who also have a criminal charge or a divorce that they need help with. Because these are three separate filings with the court, there are three separate hearings, three separate docket numbers. We can represent people in all three types of court filings. We can also give advice and counsel on who these separate, simultaneous filings affect the outcome of each case.

For Compassionate Guidance, Contact Catamount Law, PLLC

To schedule a consultation to discuss your situation, call 802-341-4375 or fill out the online contact form. Remember, once the temporary RFA is issued, you have less than two weeks to prepare for the hearing, so don’t delay.