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Criminal Defense

For most of our clients, they are experiencing the criminal justice system for the first time and are often overwhelmed and anxious.

Our attorneys at Catamount Law, PLLC are experienced trial practitioners in the State and Federal courts throughout Vermont and are ready to help you navigate the complexities of the criminal courts, while protecting your freedom and liberty interests from the very beginning.

We have represented clients facing the full range of criminal charges in Vermont – from disorderly conduct through first-degree murder offenses in State Courts to conspiracies to distribute regulated drugs and manufacturing of child pornography charges in the United States District Court.

We are trial attorneys and approach the defense of a criminal charge with compassion, creativity, and completeness.

In particular, we have achieved high praise for our innovative and unique approaches to the defense of motor vehicle offenses, particularly in the area of alcohol and drugs (DUI and Drug DUI). Frank Twarog regularly lectures to fellow defense and public defender attorneys, relying upon experiences gained from the courtroom and through DUI-specific training at the invitation-only National College for DUI Defense.

Whether taking on a global challenge of the admissibility of Vermont’s Datamaster evidentiary test devices or excluding a Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) from testifying at trial, Frank has vast experience that is only gained from consulting with and representing thousands of motorists accused of impaired operation.

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