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We bring individual and unique knowledge to provide our clients skilled representation and advocacy. At Catamount Law, PLLC, we understand how stressful, overwhelming and emotional these matters can be. We pride ourselves on personal service and thoughtful, consistent attention and commitment to you. Whether your divorce is contested, collaborative or somewhere in between, it is important to have a family law attorney with knowledge, integrity and a high standard of ethics and professionalism to guide you through the legal process.

Compassionate Guidance And Counsel Through Divorce

We regularly work with spouses going through high-conflict divorce. The conflict may be the result of violence, infidelity or even just pettiness, but the resulting stress and anxiety is a common theme. We have the experience and knowledge needed to effectively advocate for clients in contentious domestic relations matters, including:

We work hard to reduce stress and find ways to make the divorce proceedings as amicable as possible.

Establishing Parentage In Vermont

In 2018, the Vermont Parentage Act (VPA) went into effect. The VPA was conceived as a way to clarify the legal definition how parentage is established and the specific rights and responsibilities of parents in Vermont. Establishing parentage is the key to attaining parental rights to be involved in your child’s life as well as getting a court order for child support. It is best to establish parentage as quickly as possible to make early medical decisions and establish insurance coverage.

The VPA recognizes several ways to establish parentage:

  • A biological mother giving birth
  • Adoption
  • Being named as the parent on the birth certificate
  • De facto parentage
  • Non-donor genetic parentage
  • Gestational carrier agreements
  • Presumed parentage based on marriage to the birth mother
  • Presumed parentage based on being named on the birth certificate

Because parentage laws are not consistent across the U.S., it is best for LGBTQ couples to also complete a co-parent adoption so that the parentage is recognized outside of Vermont.

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